COVID-19 is characterized by the obstruction of respiratory pathways with thick mucus that solidifies and blocks the air-waves and lungs. It has been discovered that in order to apply a medicine, one must first unblock these air passages to facilitate effective treatment. However, it takes DAYS to prepare your body for this, even under medical treatment. However, you can prepare and enable your own body by the following. This process is broken down into eleven essential steps. (Number six seems a little over the edge).  If you can’t wash, due to being at a desk -or whatever…use Thieves’ Oil (see my article Thieves Oil vs. 2020 Corona virus, or use hand sanitizer).


1. Make a habit of drinking a lot of hot liquids such as coffee, teas, soups, or even warm water – at least a sip or two every thirty minutes. This sip washes your mouth, disinfecting it and sends any virus in your nose or mouth to your stomach where the gastric juices neutralize the virus before it gets to the lungs.

2. Gargle at least once a day with an antiseptic of warm water with vinegar, salt or lemon. A couple of drops of Oil of Oregano will also disinfect, as well as other options which are researchable on the web.

3. Take a bath, or shower when you come in from the street or store. The virus attaches itself to hair and clothes. Detergent or soap kills it. If impossible to launder your clothes immediately, hang them in direct sunlight.

4. Wash metallic surfaces very carefully. The virus can remain on them up to nine days! Take note and be vigilant about touching door knobs, handrails etc. Within your own houses do the same.


6. Wash your hands every twenty to thirty minutes using any soap that foams. Do so for 20 seconds.

7. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. Don’t forget the anti-bacterial/anti-viral effects of garlic and onions! And try not only to elevate your Vitamin C levels but your zinc levels too.

8. Animals do NOT transmit this virus.

9. Avoid getting the flu. It weakens one.

10. Avoid eating and drinking cold things.

11. If you experience any throat discomfort, attack the issue immediately. Use the above listed methods. COVID-19 enters the system through the throat and remains three to four days there before it passes on to the lungs.


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