3 Priceless Herbs And 4 Ancient Cornerstones Help You At Christmas!

Three Priceless Herbs and Four Ancient Cornerstones

Three priceless herbs and four ancient cornerstones are all you have to add to make a difference to your sense of health and well-being, in spite of enjoying your Christmas!

Add to Your Intake! Don’t Just Eliminate! Elimination Diets are everywhere!

But what if you could ADD certain simple nutrients or actions to your regular daily regime to change your faltering metabolism?
What if you focused on minuscule ADDITIONS that could change your life for the better…not in a week, or a month but on the very day you added them?

I have read and thoroughly enjoyed some of the best elimination/exclusionary diets out there. Topping the list are Doug Kaufman’s, Karen R Hurd’s and Hulda R. Clarke’s. Hulda R. Clarke’s, though formidable in its complexity was fascinating in its display of your body’s uncanny ability to adapt and survive!

Living in the Negative?

But, did you realize that by living in the negative, you only empower and emphasize it? Let’s try this:
Write a negative statement such as, “Eat everything except donuts!” Have someone read it and ask them, “Without looking at it, what is the ONE word you remember in that statement?”

Think in the Affirmative!

Nine times out of ten, they will answer, “donuts!” Some think this is because our minds automatically think in the affirmative, because your mind can only perceive reality in the solid world; not in the absence of solid matter. I was once a teacher of toddlers, and I can testify, if there is not a solid item before them, that this is every young child’s reality For example they cannot understand the concept of yesterday or tomorrow. Intriguing, is it not?

So, let’s do the same with our internal mental re-structuring. Let’s think, “What can I add to my daily menu/regime that will significantly change my sense of physical well-being?” And we will find there are innumerable nutrients out there (depending on the status of your physical body) that can enhance your personal improvement management.

Exercise Outside!

These make up the four principle cornerstones of your health.

1. Fresh-air
2. Sunshine

3. Nutrients (include water)

4. Rest and exercise


Sunshine is how one gentleman changed his metabolism! He was quite large and almost immobile. But he was unhappy with his personal situation. So, being unable to move easily, he determined to do just one thing twice a day. He sat for 15 minutes in the sun early morning and evening. In the winter, he sat in the sunniest window of his home. Within 3 months, he had begun to lose weight and was able to actually walk more easily! (It is thought the principle used here has to do with a reactivation or reprogramming of the liver in its metabolism of fats, both brown and white).
So, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to change or boost your metabolism. You just have to do something like this fellow did! Just start!

Sunshine: https://www.pexels.com/@bhuppigraphy

Herbs Can Act As Tonics

As a missionary kid (MK) we children did many things that are unheard-of in the United States. One thing we did often was to see who could eat the most whole lemons, hot peppers and fom wisas – all at one time! Just a hot pepper, and a lemon with its peel is enough to make me shudder now. But we added fom wisas or Aframomums to the mix and unbeknownst to ourselves created an amazing energizing, blood-thinning, body-cleansing and vitamin enhancing tonic for our selves!

Can you find the 'fom wisa,' grains of paradise, aframomums?

Aframomums are gaining fame today like many of the other herbs such as Moringa encountered in my native Senegal.

Ossame fruit or fom wisa
Yes! We’ve heard it all before…
Over seventy-one percent of adult Americans today are overweight, they retain fluids, are low on energy and suffer from a belabored metabolism. Just adding green tea, cayenne fruit extract (safest in a time-release capsule), grains of paradise seed extract (also known as fom wisa, guinea grains, ossame fruit or Aframomums) and possibly some yohimbine hydro chloride and Rauwolscine (according to your physical situation per physician specs) can elevate your energy levels as well as your health status. (Please remember there is no substitute for seeing a physician).

Frightening Statistics!

If you are like 9.4 percent (more than 100 million U.S. adults) of the American population as reported by the Centers for Disease control and Prevention (CDC) you are now living with diabetes or prediabetes (1). Due to the seriousness of this disease, the National Institute of Health (NIH) has produced a year-long behavior change program to improve eating habits and increase physical activity – in order to lose weight.

In other words, the way to avoid diabetes or pre-diabetes is to begin somewhere with losing weight! (2)

Four Basic Cornerstones

Perhaps one’s answer is to return to the four basics as mentioned above: sunshine, fresh air (including grounding- being barefoot on dirt), exercise and adequate nutrients.

Or… Your Own Herbal Tonic!

Or, maybe you will re-create that spontaneous elixir or tonic such as I did as a child, eating foods fresh from the fields!

Back to You… It’s Your Decision.

Whatever your decision, your answer lies in doing something very simple. Just start. Do something, be it as simple as getting 15 minutes of sunshine or challenging a friend to a hot-pepper dual. Your body will thank you for it!
And…don’t forget to continue to ENJOY Christmas!

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