I am Senegalese by birth and proud of it! Today I live in Oklahoma with my eight children and almost 16 grandchildren. And guess what our every gathering has at its core? You guessed it: food!
My grandchildren are anticipating the pie beneath the fireworks! I think the masked one is even licking his lips in anticipation of pecan pie:)

Time to eat! That is every child’s favorite phrase…or at least it used to be when mealtimes were a standard. Today, not so much. However, whatever way we slice it…food is everybody’s “go-to!” Either as a diet, as a treat or as a survival mechanism. Everyone has to eat! So, let’s find out how foods can make us; not so much break us!
Everybody talks about how bad food or certain foods are. This blog intends to talk about the amazing things foods do FOR your body! After all, just looking at the child licking the ice cream or even walking past a tumble of grapes can make our mouths water … and it should! Because food is GOOD!

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