Drink Up!

Did you know…moderate beer drinking is considered healthy?

Numerous trials have shown this to be true! In fact, it is estimated that there is a twenty-five percent lower risk of heart disease in those who consume between one-half and two beers daily because beer has been shown to be nutritious!

In fact beer comes in a variety of flavors and, get this, polyphenols too! Its content is of course mostly water with trace amounts of many minerals, including silicon, fluoride, copper, iron, calcium, phosporus, potassium, sodium, zinc, selenium and much more according to https://health.usnews.com.

Anne Harding wrote March 15, 2015, that beer fights inflammation due to the bitter acids in hops, the female flowersof the hop plant. The bitter acids also improve digestion according to the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry which looked at five types of German and Austrian beer. Beer may also prevent some cancers. This is due to a bitter acid called lupulone which enabled rats with colon cancer to overcome cancer. These are just a few of the studies out there. Xanthohumol, an unknown beer ingredient was shown to shut down abnormal cell growth, preventing DNA damage in animals exposed to carcinogens. This was a 2010 finding done by an Austrian research team, recorded at bi.n.m.nih.gov.

Beer is also a bone builder due to silicone or orthosilicic acid a particularly absorbable mineral. India pale ales, IPAs and others with plenty of malted barley and hops are beer’s best silicon sources per Davis researchers of the University of California.

Home-grown budget beer brands sales have spiked during the COVID-19 crisis states Jordan Valinsky, writing for CNN Business on April 29, 2020. Naturally, the formerly popular craft beer sales (70% from taprooms and bars) are on the decline due to closures. Nevertheless, blue-collar America is drinking to their health in everyday sales of known, and trusted beer brands which include home-brews!

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