Drinking coffee has many paybacks but…

Drinking coffee has loads of wellbeing paybacks!

It can lessen the danger of serious illnesses such as diabetes and cancer!

And like blueberries it’s absolutely bursting with polyphenols and antioxidants! (1)

So… I will forever be a coffee advocate! Plus besides, who doesn’t LOVE the taste!

BUT to be on the safe side, I must let you know that there are some people to whom coffee is anathema!

For example, if you were a healthy youngster and only encountered gut issues as you matured to an age of coffee drinking, you may need to read the following.

For some people who have managed gluten intolerance and/or a leaky gut up to this point in their lives, coffee presents an extremely acidic gastrointestinal environment. (1)

It also creates a very unhealthy gastrointestinal reactive situation. You see, coffee’s protein composition is said to react to gluten, or its antibodies as it may instigate a gluten reaction which was previously inactive. This is because people with gluten antibodies respond to gluten by escalating a protective reaction; meaning that the body sees gluten as an intruder and gluten antibodies fight to eliminate the gluten. This is termed an ‘inflammatory response.’  (2)

This new inflamed gut environment may increase chances of a leaky gut or at the very least this inflammation may create a more porous or more penetrable inner intestinal surface which has been linked to various health issues.

So…if you notice any increase in intestinal bloating, distress or discomfort, eliminate coffee a few days to see if this alleviates the problem. If so, you may be similar to many others who have a latent gluten sensitivity which coffee exacerbates.

Gluten intolerance and its cousins are at the forefront of today’s latest fads and infomercials. 

There are herbs which assist in coating and soothing the intestinal wall surfaces. Some of these are mucilaginous such as slippery elm, marshmallow root and arrow root. Other substances such as Quercetin stabilize the gut lining and L-glutamine (the most abundant body amino acid) maintains the integrity of the intestinal wall. Quality products may be purchased at Amazon.com as suggested below.

(1).  Tajik N, Tajik M, Mack I, Enck P. The potential effects of chlorogenic acid, the main phenolic components in coffee, on health: a comprehensive review of the literature.Eur J Nutr. 2017;56(7):2215-2244. doi:10.1007/s00394-017-1379-

(2). www.thehealthyhomeeconomist.com/gluten-issues-or-celiac-dont-drink-coffee

(3). Dr. David Clark DC, functional neurologist and endocrinologist

There are herbs/natural substances which may counter balance this. They include Quercetin, which stabilizes gut lining; L-glutamine which supports a healthy gut environment and aids in muscle tone; and slippery elm or marshmallow root – both mucilaginous foods as well as many more … far to many to all be listed!



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