Old Has Become New

What is old has become new in the big fad of recent days! The “Mediterranean Diet,” has been around for thousands of years with a group of people who are identified in both the Talmud and the Bible. For simplicity’s sake I will call them “Hebers.”

These Hebers (before they were Hebers) had lived in the same location for many generations, when a patriarch named Abraham believed he was told to pick up his considerable household and move. So, he did. And his following generations followed suit, time and again, living in the middle of opposing cultures for centuries.

In this ongoing adventure it became evident to the surrounding nations that this people’s resources, habits and ways were not theirs. In fact the Egyptians, among whom they lived for some time were so to speak, “grossed-out” by this group of people who ate garlic, onions and beans! This is because the Egyptians were not only clean-shaven but considered themselves properly manicured when they were waxed, shaved and oiled from head to toe while the Hebers abounded in thick, beautiful hair!

And the Hebers’ vocations included sheep herding…an abomination in itself to the immaculate Egyptians! However saying that doesn’t mean the Hebers were unclean. To the contrary. They had stringent cleansing laws.

In spite of these gaping differences, the Hebers excelled in health, strength and vitality, seeming to always become a threat wherever they settled. Their reproductive rate, extreme resilience, vitality, health and their adherence to their personal health awareness protocols created a trademark where ever they went. As I am unfamiliar with the Talmud, I can only recite a a memorable Bible story as to how their diets played a part in winning their political agendas, where ever they may have been at that time.

Apparently not all their food laws were applied universally among their populations. Some of them were not to touch strong wine, which may be as simple as them having inherited a tendency to hemochromatosis. As a whole though, due to current cleanliness issues possibly – no one should eat pork, probably due to trichinosis. And in the time of Daniel and his cohorts when it was common for the upper-class to eat all manner of meats, served in rich sweet sauces, the Hebers were not to eat the mice, dog, cats, monkeys etc. which were often served on royal tables. Instead, they ate “pulse” or a variety of legumes or beans. Upon their bi-weekly assessment, they were judged to appear to be much stronger, more intelligent, more “kingly” and more attractive than the others of the same status who had indulged. Thus, they began their term as rulers appointed by those who had been so impressed, and were in power at that time.

So, the Mediterranean Diet began its notoriety in the sixth century B.C! The power of their diet high in vegetables, fruits, whole grains, beans (pulse), nuts, seeds, lean lamb, beef and fish as well as freshly pressed olive oil was evident in the lives of that group of people, long gone today, called the Hebers. And it is making itself evident now in many who are increasingly more conscious of their own well being just as were the Hebers of long ago!


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