Rivers Within

You have rivers within your own body!

One is actually an artisan well which continually springs up towards your neck. In fact, you can systematically organize your body to renew that artisan effect by doing certain things and eating foods as pictured above! In order to understand this, I will give a little background information about your amazing lymphatic system.

Your lymphatic system is part of your circulatory and immune systems. It is composed of a network of lymphatic vessels (connected to lymph nodes), lymphatic organs and tissues. It includes the spleen, the thymus, lymph nodes, channels, tonsils and adenoids. All of these rid the body of toxins which is extremely important at this time in our nation’s history. The lymphatic system’s main goal is to move lymph (an anti-infection group of white blood cells) through your body.

The spleen (left side, above your kidney), the biggest lymphatic organ, is actually a blood filter which controls the number of red blood cells in your body and their storage. It also fights infection.

When the spleen encounters threats it manufactures lymphocytes, or white blood cells which defend the body by creating antibodies to destroy the invaders.

The thymus, tonsils and lymph nodes participate by generating T-cells and sampling bacteria and viruses that enter through the mouth respectively.

Our body has two rivers…

The first is your blood which completes a continual circle throughout your body via a pump, your heart. The other is lymph – without a pump – which flows up toward your neck. There the lymph re-enters the circulatory system via two veins near the collarbones.


Because gravity works against the artisan well of your lymphatic system, you can help by doing certain exercises and eating specific above pictured foods. Exercises which assist in lymphatic restoration include rebounding or jumping on a trampoline, swinging and skip-roping. All of these encourage regenerative unblocking of your lymphatic system by providing anti-gravity movement as well as muscular action which in turn pushes lymph throughout your body. (https://synergyhealthassociates.com).


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