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Welcome to a site of food exploration, incredible experiences in a third world country, cancer resilience, its repercussions and so much more! Life is meant to be LIVED and food to be ENJOYED to the fullest! Join me ahead as we talk about endless possibilities!


Most people find my first ten years in Senegal, West Africa to be different and interesting, particularly because so many of the anecdotes have to do with food and primal survival on a very basic level! Readers can discover an inherant fascination with the unknown and experience an excitement due to the raw nature of life lived locked-down to real earth in a third world. Presented here is a virtual reality which few today experience! You will feel Senegal via this website. At the same time you will discover a wealth of information at your fingertips: details and particulars to help you with whatever nutritional, emotional, physical or just happier survival skills you are seeking.

Every one has a unique story to tell! Mine includes my initial years in Senegal, fifteen subsequent years in Canada dealing with obscure health issues which are readily recognized today; a move to Oklahoma where I dealt with a starving lactose intolerant infant; seven Irish-dance daughters with exorbitant nutritional demands; one daughter whose battle with cancer brought us all back to the elemental need to survive (which I had previously experienced in Senegal) and currently the nutritional demands of a life well-spent, beginning a healthy rigorous retirement.


In Senegal, my elemental ferocious need to survive was expressed in near-starvation. This was allayed by villagers who instructed my parents. The foods I survived on at that time are available world-wide and can help any mother struggling with a starving child!

Jumping ahead forty years, another aspect of my life which involves life closer to today’s mind-set; especially for those spending time on high-tech devices, has to do with recitals concerning a cancer survivalist in my family. We built this cancer survivor resilience with foods…not just any foods, but specific foods which aren’t necessarily condoned by the “hip-eat-right-status-quo” out there. And these foods were relished, enjoyed and LOVED by all eight of my children!

I want to make available a host of information and foods out there, some of which many have never heard of, some of which can be picked right off a local sidewalk or in a park! I want to give hope to the family with special needs; to fulfill intrinsic nutritional requirements which to date are untaught – that you had no idea your body required. What is great about them, is they are SO good, and SO nutritious that your health is sure to improve, as well as that of your family! It is my opinion, that as we return to our basic needs, our bodies speak to us again, and as we listen to our unique DNA, we can more intensely enjoy the world around us. And before we know it, our bodies begin to receive what each specific part needs, creating new joy and new health. We hear it all the time! Our health is our wealth, but I tend to think it is our joy too!


You can do this too! You can gain volumes of information about foods out there. You can avail your self and your family of fulfilled nutrition that you had not a clue as to its importance. All while your health improves, and that of your family’s!

I repeat, I’ve come to believe, that as we return to our basic needs, our bodies speak to us again, and as we listen we can more instensely enjoy the world around. And as our bodies begin to receive what each specific part needs, it creates a new joy, a new health and a new peace.

We hear it all the time! Our health is our wealth, but I tend to think it is our joy too!

The goal of my website is to bring joy and health back into everyone’s life. Today everyone is so overwhelmed with the “don’ts” out there that they forget the “do’s!” Here are just a few…

  • Do eat!
  • Do enjoy what you eat!
  • Do love doing what you enjoy!
  • Do share a few minutes of happiness!
  • Do take time to eat with those who are important to you!
  • Do share what you have, even if it is just a fruit with a child!
  • Do enjoy researching the good things to be found about your favorite foods!
  • Do set aside time to food-prep actual meals so meal-times are a joy, not a burden!
  • Do help your loved ones enjoy what they enjoy eating and what they enjoy doing!
  • Do set aside a place in your apartment, house or wherever you live, to eat!
  • Do make that space memorable by filling it with delicious meals!
  • Do make time spent together sweet by anticipating it!
  • Do make memorable fragrances with cooking!
  • Do learn to LOVE what you create!
  • Do teach what you learn!
  • Do love who you teach!
  • Do ENJOY life!
  • Do it!”


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